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Private Birding and Photography tours  oriented in promoting conservation and sustainable jobs for Ecuador.  Unfortunately many tourism businesses are monopolized by foreign owners leaving little benefit for conservation and local entrepreneur.  The birding business is a perfect example of this situation so I urge to carefully search and select a provider that suits your needs.

Why bird in Ecuador?  It is easy: everything is so close!  We can have breakfast in the Amazon, lunch in the highlands, and dinner by the coastal mangroves.  But of course why do that when there are so many birds on the way.



Our exceptional biodiversity is home of more than 1,670 birds.  Ecuador has the highest number of bird species per square kilometer, which combined with its friendly people and spectacular sights, make this destination a “must do” for birders.  Ecuador has a unique location for restricted-range species with Choco Endemics to the north, Tubesian Endemics to the south and some ..


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