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My wife and I have become very interested in bird watching.  We believe this activity promotes more consciousness needed to save the forest. Most developed countries are working hard on conservation, but in Ecuador, and in general most underdeveloped countries, the conservation of the forest and the environment is just starting to take some meaning.  We have seen one-hundred-and-eighty degree changes in people that used to destroy the forest who are now converted into forest protectors!  This forest saving miracle has happened thanks to bird watchers that come to our country to see the amazing birds that most Ecuadorians have taken for granted.  The real story about this miracle happens every day at “Refugio Paz de las Aves” where a humble Ecuadorian family earn their living by showing off some amazing Neotropical birds that have been trained to eat from the hands of their caretakers.

The success of Refugio Paz de las Aves has motivated to help motivate other people so that they too can benefit from the benefits of sustainability and conservation through bird watching.  This motivation is now being materialized though a new website in which we are linking Ecuadorian people who have conservation and bird watching related business.  This is an association of lodge owners, forest preservers, birding guides, and birdwatching routes that will help promote the businesses that promote sustainability and conservation in Ecuador. 

If you want your money to support our local people and their efforts in conservation, then visit our Birdwatching For Conservation Association and follow the links to our Eco-tourism associates.

Birds are a very important chain in ecosystems and help immensely in the control of insects and pests.  Our ecolodge is surrounded by a Geobotanical Reserve, and we see these benefits every day in the production of our organic produce.  Here is a very interesting link related to this subject:

 How Birds Keep our World Safe from the Plagues of Insects

Here are some hard facts about deforestation in the northern Andes and how this affects birds:

Migrant Land Birds in the Andes

And here are all the Informational series on issues critical to migratory bird conservation:



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