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This is land-based tour and includes one 3-hour boat transport from Santa Cruz to Isabela and a 40 minute flight from Isabela to San Cristobal.  You can also find many details on our birding blog Birding Ecuador for Conservation.
Briefly searching the web we found that the birding tours to Galapagos are the most expensive tours offered for Ecuador.  Prices for a 10 day tour range from $450 per day to $630 per day.  For this reason we are presenting tours for $220 - $300 per day with a totally different approach, the land-based approach.
My wife and I went on a self-planned land tour in preparation to this offering and we concluded:
There are many places in the Galapagos Islands that offer very comfortable and clean lodging options for very reasonable prices.
We found that food on the main islands is abundant, of good quality and inexpensive.
That the local people of the islands do not obtain great benefits from tourism since most of the money goes to the tour operators, agencies, and boat owners.
It is possible to see many wonderful things about the Galapgos without taking the expensive and sea sickening option of sleeping on crowded boats.

Click below to get more information and photos from Galapagos:
Land-Tour & Darwin’s Finches
Here is a proposed itinerary:
Day 1: Flight from Quito to Baltra.  Half day Birding at Santa Cruz
Day 2: Birding all day Santa Cruz
Day 3: Boat travel to Isabela in the morning and Half day Birding in Isablela.
Day 4: Birding all day Isabela including snorkeling at Tintoreras Bay.
Day 5: Birding all day Isabela with a day tour to Sierra Negra Volcano.
Day 6: Flight to San Cristobal and half day Birding in San Cristobal.
Day 7: Half day birding San Cristobal and return flight to Quito.
Please contact us for alternative custom tours such as adding Floreana to see the Floreana Mocking bird and the Medium Tree Finch--both endemic to Floreana.

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